Waste vehicles go green

Recycling lorry with the words Red lorry, Yellow lorry, Green lorry printed on the side

East Cambridgeshire’s first vegetable powered vehicle is now collecting recycling from homes across the district.

The new lorry is able to run on hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) which is renewable, sustainable and 100 per cent biodegradable.

Residents will be able to easily spot the vehicle thanks to its “Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry, Green Lorry!” design.

It will soon be followed by an entire fleet of waste and recycling lorries, after plans to swap out diesel for HVO were approved at the last Full Council Meeting.

Running the entire fleet on HVO will reduce carbon emissions by up to 90%, and as the waste service accounts for two thirds of the council’s total emissions, it will go a considerable way towards helping the council meet its target to become a Carbon Net Zero council by 2036.

Cllr Julia Huffer, Environmental champion at East Cambridgeshire District Council, said: “It’s amazing we have the ability to run something as big and as mighty as a 26-tonne recycling collection lorry on the power of vegetable oils and fats alone.

“HVO generates 90 per cent less carbon than a traditional diesel fuel vehicle. Which just goes to show the power of veg.

“I am also really pleased the council is taking the initiative to significantly reduce the amount of carbon it is creating, as part of its mission to create a cleaner, greener, East Cambridgeshire.”