Consultations and site visits

The council must undertake a 21 day consultation period for all applications received, once they have been validated. Depending on the type of application will determine what type of consultation will take place. During this period, everyone will have an opportunity to comment on the proposals. Details on how to comment on a planning application are available on the Comment on a planning application page of this website.

Please see our data retention and privacy policy (PDF) and ECDC's privacy notice.

How do we consult?

We may use one or more of the following methods to fulfil out duty to consult:

  • Letter: Any property that shares a boundary with the application site will be sent a letter advising them of the application. The planning officer may also decide to consult with other properties in the vicinity if it is felt necessary. Letters will also be sent to the local parish council, elected members and any statutory consultees such as the Highways Agency, amenity groups and specialist officers (for example, conservation/trees)
  • The press: Some applications will be advertised in the local paper. These may include applications that affect listed buildings or are a departure from local planning policy
  • Site notice: A notice will be displayed on or near to the application site to inform the public that an application has been received
  • Online: All registered planning applications are available to view on our Public Access system (external link)

Site visits

Officers will carry generally carry out a site visit for all planning applications received. You do not need to attend the site visit, provided that officers can access the area of the site which is being considered. However, if the area is not accessible, they may need to contact you to arrange an appointment.

Officers will consider a number of issues during their site visit and may also want to view the site from the neighbouring land or properties to fully understand any potential impacts. More information is available on site visits and the consultation process in the following leaflets: