Brownfield Land Register

The Brownfield Land Register provides up-to-date and consistent information on previously developed sites which are considered potentially appropriate for residential development. Through the Register the Council can identify suitable brownfield sites and may also grant 'permission in principle' for residential development.

The Register is updated and published on an annual basis, as required by Government. The East Cambridgeshire Brownfield Land Register 2022, available to download below, is the latest edition of the Register and has been prepared in accordance with government's data standard. The Register is published in CSV format (Comma-Separated Values i.e. plain text) and GML format (Geography Markup Language i.e. to express geographical features using a GIS Mapping system). In addition, the Council has prepared a summary report which explains the context of the Brownfield Land Register and includes details and maps of each site.

For more information on the purpose and requirements of a Brownfield Land Register, please refer to national advice (external link)

East Cambridgeshire Brownfield Land Register