If your application has been approved, you will likely find there are a number of conditions attached to the approval.

Conditions are used in order to allow development to go ahead where it would otherwise have been necessary to issue a refusal.

Planning conditions should only be imposed where they are:

  • necessary
  • relevant to planning and
  • to the development to be permitted
  • enforceable and
  • precise and
  • reasonable in all other aspects

My approval has conditions...what do I do now?

You will need to make a formal planning application to the Local Planning Authority in order to 'discharge' your conditions. Some conditions are known as 'pre-commencement' conditions, which means that they need to be dealt with prior to work starting on site. Failure to discharge conditions can result in your development being unauthorised and may result in the Council considering enforcement in such instances.

The discharge of conditions normally incurs a fee (except in the case of listed building consents) and you can find the relevant fees on the Planning Fees/How to pay section of this website.