Shop Fronts and Advertisements

East Cambridgeshire District Council is committed to maintaining and improving the District’s shopping streets and centres. The Council recognises that shop fronts play a key role in creating attractive and vibrant areas in which people want to live and visit.

Well designed shop fronts and adverts can have the potential to benefit areas in a variety of ways including: adding visual interest to the street scene. However, when poorly designed or positioned, they can be harmful and result in visual clutter, obstructions and even hazards. The use of ‘house’ styles and corporate branding can lead to unsympathetic alterations that detract from the visual quality of streets and areas.

The principal function of any shop front and associated signage is to advertise and display the goods and services provided within the building. The secondary, less obvious role is to influence or improve the overall appearance and attractiveness of the street scene.

This section of the website provides detailed guidance on the design of new shop fronts and advertisements.