Apply or Appeal to the Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber)

You can appeal to the Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber) if you think there was a legal problem with a decision made by the:

You might need to get permission before you appeal.  

You can also apply to the tribunal if your case is about:

The tribunal is independent and will listen to both sides of the argument before making a decision. 

Help you can get 

A mediation service could be quicker and cheaper than going to the tribunal. Mediation is when an independent and impartial person discusses a problem with both parties to try to find a solution.

You can contact the Leasehold Advisory Service for free legal advice. You can also find a lawyer.

Call or email the tribunal if you have any questions about the process. The tribunal cannot give you legal advice.

Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber) 

Telephone: 020 7612 9710 

Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm 

Fax: 020 7612 9723

Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber)

5th floor, Rolls Building

7 Rolls Buildings

Fetter Lane



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