Support for Ukraine

Letter to the Ukraine Ambassador

All of us at East Cambridgeshire District Council are deeply shocked and saddened by the unfolding events in Ukraine.

In a letter to the Ukraine Ambassador (PDF), the Chairman of East Cambridgeshire District Council, Councillor Alan Sharp has expressed the Council's support to the nation and people of Ukraine.

He added: 

"It is with great sadness and shock that we have seen events unfold over the past few days. I know these sentiments together with admiration for the bravery of your citizens are shared by all our communities.

The UK has a long history in welcoming people fleeing oppression and we in East Cambridgeshire will do all we can to uphold this tradition."

It is clear that the conflict is profoundly disrupting the lives of thousands of innocent people who have been displaced from their homes and separated from their loved ones.

If you want to, and are able to, please consider supporting Ukraine at the following links:

Where to donate money

Where to donate goods

Ukraine Lifeline is a not-for-profit group of local volunteers helping to support the people of Ukraine and is reaching out to anyone that can help supply winter clothes, basic first aid supplies, toiletries, nappies and non-perishable food. It has drop off points in Isleham, Pymoor, Burwell, Ely and Wilburton as well as Wisbech and Peterborough.

For more information visit the Ukraine Lifeline website (external link).


In addition to donating, another practical thing we can all do is to be careful not to unwittingly distribute misinformation or propaganda about the situation by sharing articles, images or videos that are being posted online which may be fake or misleading/ The Full Fact organisation has some useful tips on how to spot false information online and sharing these tips with our communities can help. The organisation has posted on Facebook (external link), Instagram (external link)and Twitter (external link)with more information.