Rivers and streams

Pollution Watch (PDF) is a campaign which Anglian Water are running to reduce pollution in the natural environment.

It is all about ensuring sewage pollution incidents are spotted, reported and stopped as quickly as possible to minimise the impact to the environment.

Anglian Water are working hard to minimise pollution incidents and would really like your help to look after rivers and waterways too.

Research shows that, when they spot pollution, members of the public often call their local council, rather than calling Anglian Water.

The Pollution Watch campaign aims to raise awareness of sewage pollution, the causes of it, and what to do if people spot it.

Please call the Pollution Hotline number 03457 145 145  to report any sewage issues so we can respond sooner meaning we have the best opportunity to minimise any environmental impact.

For further information please see the Anglian Water website (external link).