Grants for adapting your home

How to apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant  

Disabled Facilities Grants are available from East Cambs District Council to help pay for adaptations that help with access to a property, to the garden and around the home and for the provision of bathing and toilet facilities. It is important that building works should not start until, grant approval has been made by the District Council. 

Occupational Therapist Recommendation  

An applicant will need an Occupational Therapist’s recommendation. This needs to be agreed at a panel which considers if the recommendation is within criteria given for Cambridgeshire. There is a waiting list for a visit from the Occupational Therapist and applicants are prioritised according to urgency. 

Test of Resources 

There is a Test of Resources for the grant application for adults. This depends on income and savings. When the caseworker visits they will carry out a preliminary calculation to give an idea about your contribution, if any, towards the cost of works, the caseworker will require details of any income and savings. 

Applications for works to be carried out for children are not means tested. 

The above will be explained in detail when the caseworker makes their initial assessment visit and they will advise you about your eligibility for a Grant 

Alternatively, if you would like an early indication of whether or not you would qualify for a Disabled Facilities Grant, complete our preliminary test of resources form (external link). The results will be sent only to the email address you provide. 

How to apply for a Repairs Grant

If you need repairs to your home we can offer free advice and help you access financial help if you meet the eligibility criteria. There is help available from the Local Authority for Minor Works Grants. 

Our caseworkers will be able to give advice about the current budgets available and how to make an application and offer assistance throughout the process, our fee is included within the grant application.