What to do if you think you have been spiked

Tell the people you are with and make sure you are somewhere where you feel safe.

Alert a member of staff at the pub or club you are at. They will be trained to recognise when someone if vulnerable and provide them with appropriate support.

If you feel unwell, you should seek medical attention immediately and tell them that you believe your drink has been spiked.

Report it to the police as soon as possible. Drugs can leave the body in as little as 12 hours after consumption, so it is important you get tested quickly.

We know that your memory can be affected by some of the drugs used to spike drinks. The police will need as much information as possible, that might involve asking you to try and remember some of the following details:

  • Do you know who spiked your drink?
  • If you do not know who spiked your drink, do you remember what they looked like, or any other details about them?
  • What happened throughout the evening, and after your drink was spiked?
  • Was anything taken from you?
  • Were you physically attacked?