Become a #LoveYourStreetHero

Everyone can become a #LoveYourStreetHero. We want to empower everyone to collect litter in their area safely and effectively, create a better environment on their doorstep and inspire change within their community.

Find out how you can become a #LoveYourStreetHero:

Join a litter picking group 

Borrow litter picking equipment 

Equipment such as litter pickers, hoops and rubbish bags, as well as high visibility vests and gloves are available to borrow from ECSS:

Alternatively, you can buy litter picking equipment from Keep Britain Tidy (external link)

As part of the support provided to groups, ECSS collects waste which has been picked up and supplies stickers to mark collected litter so it is not mistaken as fly-tipping.

Become a dog walking #LoveYourStreetHero 

29% of all UK adults have a dog - that is equivalent to 19,000 people in East Cambridgeshire.

We are inviting as many dog walkers as possible to become a #LoveYourStreetHero.

It is a simple idea - while walking your dog, you can use it as an opportunity to litter pick at the same time, helping to keep our communities tidier.

You can either borrow litter picking equipment from the council:

or buy your own from Keep Britain Tidy (external link).