Witchford Neighbourhood Plan

The Witchford Neighbourhood Plan was formally made (i.e. adopted) by Full Council, at its meeting of 21 May 2020.

On Thursday 19 March 2020, the Council held a referendum through which local people were invited to vote on whether the Council should use the Witchford Neighbourhood Plan in taking planning decisions. The plan was supported by the majority of voters:

  • Number of votes cast in favour of a 'yes' - 572
  • Number of votes cast in favour of a 'no' - 25
  • Number of rejected ballots- 2
The turnout was 31.10%.
Electronic copies of the Witchford Neighbourhood Plan and related documents are available to download below.

If you require paper copies of the Witchford Neighbourhood Plan, Decision Statement and Examiner's Report, please contact East Cambs District Council Strategic Planning Team.

Document Library

Neighbourhood Plan Documents

1Witchford Neighbourhood Plan (Made Version)
2Examiner's Report into Witchford Neighbourhood Plan
3Decision Statement - ECDC's decision on the Witchford Neighbourhood Plan
4Information Statement
6Notice of Referendum

Submission Documents

1Witchford Neighbourhood Plan (Submission Version)
2Consultation Statement
3Basic Conditions Statement
4SEA Determination Statement
5Local Green Spaces Report
6Area of Search (Education) Map
7.0List of Documentary Evidence 
7.1Documentary Evidence: General Plan Production
7.2Documentary Evidence: Landscape and Character
7.3Documentary Evidence: Green Infrastructure
7.4Documentary Evidence: Housing
7.5Documentary Evidence: Infrastructure
7.6Documentary Evidence: Traffic
7.7Documentary Evidence: Connectivity
7.8Documentary Evidence: Supporting Witchford's Micro Economy
8ECDC Letter to Confirm Plan Submission

Representations received during publication (Reg. 16)


Abbey Group on behalf of Seymour and Holdsworth

Supporting documents:

2Anglian Water
3Cerda Planning Ltd on behalf of Catesby Strategic Land Ltd
4Deloitte LLP on behalf of Church Commissioners for England
5East Cambridgeshire District Council
6Environment Agency
7Fletcher, J
8Gladman Developments Ltd
9Historic England
10Howes Percival LLP on behalf of Manor Oak Homes Ltd
11Natural England
12Savills on behalf of Bellway Homes Ltd (Eastern Counties)
13Wood on behalf of National Grid

Examination Documents

1Independent Examiner's Questions to Councils
2NPIERS Guidance to Service Users and Examiners
3ECDC response to Examiner's Questions
4.1Witchford Parish Council response to Examiner's Questions
4.2Witchford PC response - appendix 1
4.3Witchford PC response - appendix 2
4.4Witchford PC response - appendix 3

If you require accessible documents please email East Cambs District Council Strategic Planning Team.