Violence Against Women and Girls Toolkit

This toolkit is about taking practical steps together to make our county safer for women and girls. Everyone should feel empowered to play their part in creating positive change and whatever your area of work, we encourage you to pledge your commitment to women’s safety.  

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What is Violence against Women and Girls 

Violence against women and girls (VAWG) covers a range of unacceptable and deeply distressing crimes. 

It can include 

  • domestic violence and abuse 

  • sexual violence and rape 

  • stalking and harassment 

  • trafficking of women 

  • female genital mutilation 

  • intimidation and harassment at work, in education or in public 

  • forced prostitution 

  • forced marriage 

  • ‘honour’ crimes 

In addition to harassment and violence in physical public spaces, women and girls are also at risk of harassment and abuse in the online space. Crimes that take place online can have additional considerations, for example, it maybe easier for the perpetrator to remain unknown or for them to carry out their abuse from any location. 

Violence can affect women and girls regardless of their age, race or religion, their socioeconomic background, sexual orientation or marital status. Violence takes place in every locality across the UK and can happen in relationships, in families, and in communities.