Preventing an Incident

Unfortunately, business can be a target for crime. It is therefore important that all business actively take steps to help themselves minimise the likelihood of a crime being committed against their business.

In this section, a number of simple steps that you can take as a business are considered. Issues such as signage, procedures, staff training and working with other businesses are considered.

Security Survey

A good starting doing for any business is a security survey to help you understand where and when your business is the most vulnerable.

Security surveying is all about reducing the opportunity for crime and making possible targets less attractive to criminals. There are three types of physical targets in business:

  1. Buildings - including garages, stores, windows, etc.
  2. Property - such as cash, stock and equipment.
  3. People - staff, security guards and customers.

Using a logical approach to a security survey will help to make sure that you consider all risks and threats.

When you undertake the survey, look for anything which may make it easier to commit crime. Try to imagine how a potential offender might think. This will then help you identify the steps that you can take to improve the security of your business and the safety of your staff.

You have invested a great deal of time, energy and money in your business, so it is important to remember that crime changes. Protect your business by making sure that safety and security remain high on your agenda.

We recommend that you revisit your security survey at least once a year to help continually protect your business.