Park home advice

It is important to understand the legal and financial implications of buying a park home. Although you will own the park home itself, you will pay rent to the site owner for your pitch (known as a pitch fee). You will also be liable for council tax, and there may be resale fees if you decide to sell your park home in the future.

It is also a good idea to consider the answers to the following questions when thinking about buying a park home: 

  1. Does the site have a residential licence and can you live there all year round?
  2. What are the energy supply arrangements? Some park homes can be expensive to heat and you may have to buy your energy from the site owners.
  3. Are there age restrictions?
  4. Does the site allow pets?
  5. Are there parking restrictions?
  6. Is there a site manager who lives on-site to deal with day-to-day problems? 
  7. Is the site, including the roads, lighting and pathways, well maintained? 
  8. Is there an active residents’ association representing the site residents’ interests and ensuring that their problems are addressed?

We advise all prospective park home residents to seek independent legal advice prior to entering into any purchase or agreement, however the following links contain some advice and information that might prove very helpful: