Reducing Single Use Plastics

Reducing single use plastics in catering premises

Plastic litters our streets, chokes our seas and endangers wildlife. What can you do as a caterer to reduce the use of single-use plastic and plastic generally?   

Please consider where you use plastic in your business and think how you can make simple changes. You may find you can not only help the environment, but save money too. Here are some examples:  
  • Stop offering straws (if you must offer them, compostable ones are available);  

  • Buy vegetables and fruit that are loose and not wrapped in plastic;  

  • Avoid the use of plastic film; 

  • Offer takeaway food in paper bags, rather than plastic; 

  • Use compostable takeaway containers; 

  • Use wood or bamboo rather than plastic spoons, forks and knives; 

  • Sell drinks in glass rather than plastic bottles; 

  • Refill the customer’s own drinking cup; 

  • Stop adding recyclable waste to your general waste. Make sure you recycle all the waste that you can; 

  • Recycle clean items by rinsing them and removing as much food as you can; 

  • Give one, rather than a handful of napkins. 

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