Food Complaints

Common examples of food complaints include: 

  • foreign objects (something that should not be in your food) 

  • poor food hygiene practices 

  • dirty food premises  

  • mouldy food 

  • food past its ‘use by’ date 

  • food you believe that has made you unwell 

For a list of common food complaints and how best to deal with them, please use this link: Common Food Complaints.  

Officers investigate complaints based on the risk to public health. They take enforcement action according to the Council’s Food and Safety Enforcement policy, operating procedures, statutory codes and guidance. 

For further information, please contact the Commercial Team on or telephone 01353 665555. 

What if I believe food made me unwell?  

Please see Food poisoning for more information on food poisoning. Let us have all the details of what, when and where you ate the food that you believe led to illness. We will ask you to visit your GP for a stool specimen to support an investigation.  

What if I buy food past its ‘Best Before’ date?