Closed Churchyards

The Council are responsible for the ground maintenance of 11 churchyards throughout the district, this is where burials have come to an end and responsibility for maintenance has passed to the local authority.

  • St Marys, Burwell
  • St Marys, Cheveley
  • St Marys, Ely
  • St Andrews, Isleham
  • St Georges, Littleport
  • St Georges, Little Thetford
  • St James, Stretham
  • The Holy Cross, Stuntney
  • St Marys, Swaffham Prior
  • St Marys & St Cyriacs, Swaffham Bulbeck
  • St Peters, Wilburton

In the churchyards the council try to encourage wildlife by having bird and bat boxes along with wild flower areas.


All other churchyards, other than the 11 stated above, are the responsibility of the Parochial Church Council (the Church itself), or the Local Parish Council.