Condensation, damp and mould

There are several factors that can cause mould in the home. Such as leaks and water damage, poor insulation, poor ventilation, poor heating, and poor drying or cleaning. 

Mould is more likely if your home is damp.

Listed below are steps that occupiers can take to help:


Ventilation is necessary to remove condensation.

  • Open windows little and often creating a through draught, especially when drying clothes inside, bathing or cooking. When it is cold outside the last thing we want to do is open windows, but even for just five minutes a day can make all the difference. 
  • Use ventilation systems. Use kitchen and bathroom extractor fans if you have them; make sure they are kept clear and clean. Also keep window trickle vents open if you have them. 
  • Remove condensation. Wipe away any moisture on windows or other surfaces as much as you can.


Heat your home uniformly (all rooms, if possible) to between 18 to 21c. 

If you cannot afford to heat your home, ask for help from the council's partner service PECT. They provide free advice to help support keep warm in their homes and can be contacted on: 

Telephone: 0800 802 1773
Website PECT website (external link)


In damp conditions mould can grow on dirt and dust particles, so clean surfaces as often as possible.


Small areas of mould are easier to deal with effectively. So tackle new mould early. Mould can be removed from hard surfaces with an appropriate mould and mildew cleaning product. Be sure to dry the area thoroughly afterwards to prevent new mould growth. 

When cleaning mould keep doors to the affected room closed but open the window and use protective gear, for example masks, gloves, and goggles. Wash hands thoroughly afterwards too. 

Mould on absorbent materials such as carpets and soft furnishings can be difficult to remove and in severe cases disposal may be the only option. 

Seek help

You cannot remove condensation if water is getting into your home from disrepair or there is no way for moisture to escape. You should report this to your landlord. Keep a record of your contact with your landlord as this can help if you need to take the issue further. 

Mould can be a serious threat to health. If the situation does not improve after following these steps for a few weeks and your landlord is not willing to address the problem, you should report it to our environmental health team. They can be contacted on;

Telephone: 01353 665555

Please also contact them if you require any further advice about damp and mould. 

The above information is available in leaflet form (PDF)