Buildings of Local Interest

The Buildings of Local Interest Register was adopted by Full Council for adoption on 23 February 2017. You can view or download the final document below: 

These buildings or structures may contribute to or help define the character of an area, or be significant to the historical or architectural development of our towns and villages. Many of the properties date from the nineteenth or twentieth century and feature buildings/structures, for example Churches, War memorials, houses and infrastructure. 

The aim of the register is to identify and safeguard buildings/structures that are important to our local communities and to ensure that repairs, alterations and extensions are sympathetic to their character. 

Buildings of local interest have no statutory protection in legislation but are recognised in the National Planning Policy Framework as non-designated heritage assets and must therefore be considered in the planning process. 

The register is included under policy ENV13 of the Local Plan 2015 and having been subject to public consultation is a material planning consideration when determining applications. 

Please note there are no additional planning restrictions on properties included on the register, other than those already required under the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015.