Buildings of Local Interest

The Project

Following on from the consultation in November 2016 on the draft Buildings of Local Interest Register, the draft register, alongside all representations received during the consultation period were presented to the Council’s Regulatory and Support Services Committee on the 23 January 2017.

Members were asked to consider each of these buildings and the representations received alongside the nomination criteria against which the buildings were assessed. Members debated the merits of each of these buildings/structures and determined whether or not they should be included in the finalised register.

The final Buildings of Local Interest Register was adopted by Full Council for adoption on 23 February 2017. You can view or download the final document below:

The Local Register is not intended to be a static document and should it be adopted on the 23 February, it will be considered again in 2-3years time. This may provide an opportunity for buildings/structures to be added to or removed from the Register should things have changed.

Why produce a local register?

There is a great wealth and variety of buildings, structures and areas that are of special significance and contribute to the character and appearance of our towns and villages. The quality of our built environment is not just limited to listed buildings and conservation areas, but it is also the large number of unlisted historic and architecturally accomplished buildings and structures that help to reinforce local distinctiveness and sense of place.

It is important to identify and recognise buildings and structures that contribute to the local identity of the District and are important to local communities. The production of a Register of Buildings of Local Interest offers a way for the local planning authority to recognise such buildings or structures and ensure they are given appropriate protection within the planning process.

Implications for owners

Iinclusion on the Local Register is NOT the same as a property being on the national register of listed buildings. Buildings of Local Interest have no statutory protection in law; the list is advisory only and does not provide the Council with any additional powers. Local and national planning policy encourages the retention and protection of the special character of buildings included on the ‘local register’.

Inclusion on the Local Register will NOT alter the existing planning controls that already apply to the property or structure. There is a lot of work that can be carried out to properties under what is known as permitted development rights and this will not change through inclusion on the register. It is only when work is proposed that will require planning permission that inclusion on the register will be considered by officers as part of the planning process.  The register does not apply to the interior of the building and therefore you are not required to advise the Local Planning Authority of any works you may wish to carry out inside the building.

It should also be noted that at this time there are no plans to put forward any of the buildings or structures nominated for inclusion on the Register forward for consideration for statutory listing by the Secretary of State. By their very nature and consideration for inclusion on the Local Register, all of the buildings/structures on the draft register would not be of sufficient quality to be considered for statutory designation, although we can’t preclude any works that Historic England may take at a future date.

Where can I get further advice?

If you are concerned about Buildings of Local Interest, please contact the Conservation Officer either by phone on 01353 616333 or by email

If you are considering undertaking external works that you think may require planning permission (i.e. are not considered permitted development) or you would like to seek assurances that proposed works would constitute permitted development, you can seek initial advice from the Council’s Conservation Officer using the contact details above.