What to do in an Emergency

Keep calm, don't panic. 

Think before you act and pay attention to the advice of the emergency services. 

If you are involved in an emergency, in the absence of other instructions the best advice is usually to:
  • Go in Go inside and close all doors and windows, shut down ventilation systems 
  • Stay in Stay inside for as long as it is safe to do so – depending on the incident, stay away from doors and windows
  • Tune in to your local radio station, TV or internet news channels – emergency responders will use these to issue specific advice to the public
Please note: There will be times when it is not safe to go in – remember to use common sense in any emergency situation and follow the instructions by the emergency services.

General Safety Measures 

  • Call 999 ONLY in the event of injuries or if a threat to life exists 
  • Check for injuries, try to stay calm and reassure others around you
  • Listen to the advice from the emergency services 
  • Never put yourself or others in any danger 
  • Try to get to a safe place – this may not be your home
  • Limit phone calls – it keeps the lines free

Stay informed 

Many organisations may be using social media to keep residents up to date during an emergency.

On Twitter 

Further Guidance