Immigration Detention Bail

Before you apply 

You can apply for immigration bail if the Home Office is holding you on immigration matters. This means you might be released from detention but you will have to obey at least one condition. 

Who can apply 

You can apply whether you are held in an immigration removal centre, a detention centre or a prison. You must be held on immigration matters.

When you are more likely to get bail 

You are more likely to get bail if you have a place to stay.  

Your application is also more likely to succeed if you have at least one ‘Financial Condition Supporter’. This is a person who: 

  • will pay money if you don not follow the conditions of your bail  

  • can attend your bail hearing  

Give information about where you will stay and your Financial Condition Supporters in the application form.  

When you might not get released on bail 

You may find it harder to get bail if you: 

  • have broken bail conditions in the past 

  • have a criminal record, and there is a risk you might reoffend 

If you were refused bail in the last 28 days, you will not get another hearing unless your situation has changed significantly. Explain what you think has changed in your application. 

If you are refused bail, you will get a written statement telling you why. 

If you are due to be removed from the country 

You might not be released even if you are granted bail. If your removal date is in the 14 days after you get bail, the Home Office will have to agree to your release. 

See also:

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