With a tradition of seasonal agricultural work, the district has one of Britain's highest traveller populations.

There are two council caravan sites for travellers:

  • Earith Bridge (13 pitches)
  • Wentworth (8 pitches)

The district council manages the sites although the county council owns Earith Bridge.

Priority is given to local travellers who live in the district or have visited regularly over many years or have close family ties with travellers already living permanently in the district. Travellers from neighbouring districts are considered if a local traveller does not require a vacant plot.

Travellers living on the sites are licensees not tenants and a weekly charge is made for each pitch equivalent to the average rent for social housing plus a water charge.

Where occasional problems occur with unauthorised encampments a court order may be obtained to move them on.

What you say is important

Contact the council about travellers

The council's Travellers Liaison Officer will be able to help you:

Telephone: 01353-665555