Youth Climate Action - make a difference

What can I actually do to make a difference? 

1. Talk about it 

Spread the word - make sure that climate change and the action that is needed is not brushed under the rug, put aside or ignored. Keep talking about it. Talk to your friends, talk to your parents, keep sharing on social media. The minute we stop talking about it is the minute we start to lose the battle. 

2. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (in that order) 

Think about everything you own and use - think of the life cycle of that product. 

Before you throw something away, ask - Can I reuse it? Can I repair it? Can I recycle it? 

Before you buy - do I really need it? Can I buy this product in a more sustainable way, paper packaging, can I buy this locally? 

3. Lobby your parents 

You may not be the one buying the weekly food shop but it does not mean you cannot influence what is on the shopping list. 

A few easy amendments; 

4. Lobby your school 

Think of all the food waste, the electricity use. What about that huge school field that is hardly used all year - not by students or wildlife.

5. Go higher 

Lobby your Parish Council, ask questions and find out what they are doing in the community to tackle climate change.

  1. Do they have a climate action group? Does that group have a youth representative?
  2. Are they managing their land for biodiversity? 
  3. Does their neighbourhood plan consider and help prevent climate change?

Lobby East Cambridgeshire District Council  

  1. Are you wanting your thoughts and ideas heard? Email ECDCs Climate Change Officer
  2. Start a petition on a change or action you want to see in your community. If you get more than 100 signatures the council committee have to discuss it