Barking dog complaint

Barking dog complaints are dealt with in a similar way to any other noise complaint. Initially, we would advise you to let your neighbour know - the owners of the dog may not be aware of their dog causing a nuisance, for instance if the dog is barking whilst they are at work.

If this action does not result in the nuisance stopping contact environmental services.

The dog warden will require details, including your name and address, plus the address where the dog lives. Each complaint is treated confidentially, and you will remain anonymous.

The dog warden will initially contact the owners to inform them of the issue, and give advice on how to stop the dog barking. The dog warden will also provide you with diary sheets to complete, noting down the times and duration of each barking incident.

On return of the diary sheets, the council officers can assess if further action is necessary. It may be that the dog warden's early intervention has resolved the problem, or it may be that further investigations and monitoring are required to assess the potential for more formal action.

To report a noise complaint, please use one of the following methods:

Please read our dog barking leaflet (PDF) for more information and advice on stopping dog barking.