Security of People

It is important that you have policies and procedures in place to ensure that your business is a safe environment for both your staff and your customers. It is important that your staff are fully aware of the policies and procedures that are in place. You should also consider:

Staff training

It is essential that all of your staff are clear on their responsibilities in relation to safety and security. You should ensure staff are trained on how to set alarms and are aware of distraction techniques that may be used against them. Staff should also be clear of the action they need to take if there is an emergency incident in order to keep themselves and your customers safe.

It is also really important that your staff are trained to deal with conflict, particularly if you have aggressive customers. Ensure your staff are clear on what action they should, and should not, take in situations that are becoming violent or aggressive.

Lone working

You may have a business where you need a staff member to work on their own at times. You need to consider the ways in which you will reduce any risks to them. Action that you can take include radio link scheme, personal alarms and regular security checks.

As a business owner, you have a legal responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of your staff. So you need to ensure you fully risk assess any lone working prior to allowing it to go ahead.

Sale of age restricted products

If you sell any age restricted products such as alcohol, tobacco, knives, solvents etc., then you need to be fully aware of the conflict and hostility that can arise from a refusal to sell.

You should ensure that your staff are fully aware of the age restrictions for any products that you sell and that you have a clear age verification policy in place that all your staff follow consistently.

You can access information on age restricted products as well as steps you can take to prevent underage sales on the Trading Standards Business Companion website (external link).