Hedgehog Recovery

Reversing the Decline in Hedgehogs

As voted for by you in August 2023, the Council is committed to helping the recovery of hedgehog numbers in the district.

With your help, we are going to find where they live, provide new homes and habitats for them and, most important of all, try to increase their numbers so that they once again become a more familiar site across the district.

Why Hedgehogs?

Because that is what you voted for! We held a series of public votes in July and August 2023, in Bottisham, Littleport, Soham and Ely, and you decided that it was hedgehogs above all other animals you thought were most in need of support.

And it is not surprising hedgehogs came out on top of the public vote. Their numbers have seen a huge decline in recent decades, with the East of England seeing some of the steepest declines. They are also a great animal to target action on, because we can all do something to help them, no matter how small.

"I've Seen Prickles" - Hedgehog Spotting Campaign

We are planning lots of actions and activities to help support hedgehogs, but in the meantime the best thing you can do right now is to report any hedgehogs you spot. By knowing where they currently live, we can best target our actions and see where our support is most needed and working! You can do so, by logging sightings on this website The Big Hedgehog Map (external link) where you can also find out where other people have logged sightings. 

We are calling the campaign "I've seen Prickles" following the winning entry by Adara English (aged 11, Littleport), who chose the name Prickles for our hedgehog as part of the public vote. 

Coming soon!

This webpage will be the home page for everything about our hedgehog campaign. Now we know the animal you voted for, we can start to put together a plan of activities. 

There will be competitions, free giveaways, educational information and more. So watch this space!