Claimant Commitment

When you claim Universal Credit you need to accept your Claimant Commitment drawn up by your work coach. 

This is a record of the responsibilities you have accepted in return for receiving Universal Credit and the consequences of not meeting them. 

This might include what you have agreed to prepare or look for work or to increase your earnings if you are already working. It will be based on your personal circumstances and will be reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis 

Your Universal Credit payments may be cut if you do not meet your responsibilities. 

Managing your account online (Journal) 

You will use your online account to: 

  • Keep up with any “to do’s” that are added.  To do’s are actions you must take to complete or maintain your UC Claim.  A notification will be sent via email or text to you to indicate that a 'to do' has been added to your journal 
  • Keep a record of the things you’ve done to prepare or look for work or things that you have agreed to do as part of your Claimant Commitment 
  • Send messages to your work coach and read messages they send you 
  • Report a change of circumstances 
  • Record childcare costs 
  • Provide details about a health condition or disability 
  • See how much your Universal Credit payments are 
  • Check what you have agreed to do in your Claimant Commitment