How to protect your drink

Never leave your drink unattended 

Take your drink with you wherever you go and, if the club does not allow drinks on the dance floor, take time to finish your drink before you hit the dance floor, rather than leaving it on a table for later. 

Watch if someone buys you a drink 

If someone offers to buy you a drink, make sure you go to the bar with them and watch your drink the whole time. Do not let them go to the bar on their own, as there are far too many opportunities for someone to interfere with your drink. Similarly, keep an eye out for people trying to distract you from your drink. 

Drink from bottles 

Wherever possible, have drinks from bottles - the necks make it more difficult to drop something into the bottle and you can also get alcotops or spikeys to fit bottles and protect your drink. 

Let someone know where you are going 

Make sure someone knows where you are going and what time they can expect you back - plan your route home in advance. 

If unsure, do not drink 

If you are unsure about your drink, do not drink it and tell a friend or member of staff. Do not leave it on the side - either take it back to the bar, or pour it away yourself. 


Keep an eye on your friends and ensure you all get home safely.