Someone's knocking at your door


Canvassers working on behalf of East Cambridgeshire District Council have been knocking on the doors of residents who are yet to return forms which verify whether their voter registration records are correct.
Each year Register of Elector forms including, Household Enquiry Forms (HEFs) and Individual Registration Forms (ITRs) are delivered to over 37,000 households in East Cambridgeshire to check the right people are registered to vote. 
To help get residents to return the forms, canvassers will continue to be knocking on some people's door during October to ask for completed forms. 
These are a combination of Household Enquiry Forms (HEFs) and Individual Registration Forms (ITRs) which need to be returned. The canvassers will have a copy of the form that is required to be completed and this can be filled out when the canvassers call. Each canvasser will have identification with them, and anyone who has doubts about the caller should ring the council to check the canvasser's details.
Residents should complete the forms as soon as possible, but no later than the 14th November 2018 to be included in the new register being published on the 1st December 2018.  
If residents do not make the deadline there is a danger that their details will not go on future registers, this may mean that people will lose their chance to vote and could affect people's credit applications.
Joan Cox, Electoral Services Team Leader at East Cambridgeshire District Council said "The annual canvass allows the council to update its electoral register, so that anyone eligible to vote in local and national elections can do so.  The vast majority of our residents are quite happy to check the forms they receive and return them to us, as it only takes a few minutes.  We want everyone to have their chance to vote and I would urge anyone who has yet to return their form to do so."
For further information about the registration forms please contact East Cambridgeshire District Council on 01353 665555.