Deadline approaches for over 60s to help shape Council's COVID-19 recovery plan


East Cambridgeshire District Council is urging residents over 60 to complete their survey on the effects of the COVID-19 ahead of the deadline on 14th March. 

The survey, which opened for comments on 15th February, is designed to help the Council form a comprehensive picture of how COVID-19 has affected their over 60’s residents and plan adequate support as the government’s roadmap out of lockdown progresses.

The survey is being led by the East Cambs Co-Ordination Hub and will touch on issues caused by the pandemic such as loneliness and financial difficulties.

Councillor David Ambrose-Smith, Chairman of the Operational Service Committee, said:

“Although we are encouraged by the district’s progress in vaccinating our residents, we are very aware that our over 60s population have seen parts of their lives, such as their mental health and social interaction, affected by the pandemic. We want to understand how we can best support them.

“The results of this survey not only improve our awareness of the impact on our district but will also help to shape our recovery plan which is tailored to our residents’ needs.

“I would urge everyone who this includes to take part and provide your valuable feedback to the Council before the March 14th deadline.”

Residents can find out more information and take part in the survey on the East Cambs website.