Businesses asked to donate surplus tech to help Ukrainians


East Cambridgeshire District Council is encouraging businesses with surplus laptops and tablets to consider donating them to a new campaign set up to help Ukrainian families.

The Council has been working with organisations, charities and residents to help Ukrainian guests settle into the district.

Many people who arrive here have often had to leave Ukraine with very little. They urgently require devices to enable the children to continue their education, keep in touch with family members from whom they have been separated, and access services here in the UK.

To help make this a reality Laptops4Learning has partnered with Cambridge Refugee Resettlement Campaign (CRRC) to enable the delivery of laptops and other devices.

They take donations from businesses and repair and refurbish them, making them plug-and-play ready, complete with chargers and software, ready for CRRC to distribute to Ukrainian families.

The partnership has already seen over 250 devices going to families, but many more are needed.

Cllr Julia Huffer, said: “We would urge all businesses to support the campaign where possible. Their involvement will make a real difference to families from Ukraine, helping them rebuild their lives.

“Having tech refurbished for reuse through Laptpop4Learning’s TechAid UK solution can also help businesses reach their sustainability goals at this time of climate emergency, saving CO2 emissions, e-waste and the extraction of scarce natural resources, while helping positive engagement with your local community.”

If you are part of a local business that is interested in donating company surplus tech, or if you have any questions about the scheme, please contact:

Any Ukrainian guests or their hosts who would like to request devices can do so here:

Information for Ukrainian refugees in Cambridge and their hosts | Cambridge Refugee Resettlement Campaign (