Advice for People at Higher Risk

People with serious health conditions are at most risk from Coronavirus.  They are being contacted by NHS England and being asked to “shield” themselves by staying in their homes and minimise all non-essential contact with other members of their household in order to keep themselves safe. 
This includes people who:
  • Have had an organ transplant
  • Have certain types of cancer or having certain types of cancer treatment
  • Have certain genetic diseases
  • With serious respiratory conditions such as cystic fibrosis and severe chronic bronchitis.
  • Have a condition or are taking medicine makes them much more likely to get infections
  • Pregnant women with a serious heart condition.
Full information on how people at high risk can protect themselves from corona virus:

Support Available for People at Higher Risk

If you have a medical condition which makes you extremely vulnerable to coronavirus (COVID-19), register and tell us whether or not you need support.
You may have received a letter from the NHS telling you that you are clinically extremely vulnerable, or been contacted by your GP or hospital clinician.  If this has not happened, contact your GP or clinician after you register with this service.
It may take time for any support offered through this service to arrive.  Wherever possible you should continue to rely on friends, family and wider support to help you meet your needs.

If that is not possible, call the helpline: 0800 028 8327

Priority will be given to those in the high-risk group who are unable to rely on family or friends for adequate practical support throughout the shielding period, which will be at least 12 weeks from the date of the letter.

As part of the goverment support network, packages of food and essentials will be supplied and delivered.

For all enquiries regarding Cambridgeshire food packages, including dietary requirements, please contact 0345 045 5200