Local Plan Review

The Council is currently preparing a new Local Plan for East Cambridgeshire. Once adopted, the Local Plan will determine what East Cambridgeshire will look like in the future and how it will become an even better place to live, work and visit.

Submission and Examination of Local Plan

The Council submitted the Local Plan to the Secretary of State in February 2018. To find out more about the forthcoming examination, please visit the Local Plan Examination page.
The Proposed Submission Local Plan was published for consultation in November and December 2017. Thank you to everyone who responded. Comments received during the consultation period remain available to view online via the Consultation Portal.
The Proposed Submission Local Plan and a suite of supporting documents are available to download from the Document Library

Background Evidence

If you would like to delve into the background evidence which supports the plan, please browse the Document Library.  This includes reports on such matters as the district's housing requirement, Gypsy and Traveller needs, settlement hierarchy, detailed ‘scoring’ of suggested sites, assessment of Local Green Space suggestions and much more.

A collection of Evidence Reports has been prepared to accompany each of the Further Draft Local Plan's district-wide policies.  The Evidence Reports explain how each individual policy has evolved, what comments were raised at the previous consultation stage, and how we have considered those comments.  The Evidence Reports are available to download from the Evidence Reports page.

Previous Stages

The Preliminary Draft Local Plan marked the first stage in the process of producing a new Local Plan, and was published for public consultation in February and March 2016. It identified key planning issues and set out draft planning policies to shape future development. 
The Further Draft Local Plan was the second stage in the preparation of a new Local Plan for East Cambridgeshire and included draft policies and specific site allocations for new development. The Council published the Further Draft Local Plan for public consultation from 12 January to 22 February 2017.
The Preliminary Draft Local Plan and Further Draft Local Plan remain available to view and download from the Document Library.

Local Plan Working Group

Full Council has appointed a Local Plan Working Group of eight elected Members to assist in the development of the Local Plan.  The purpose of the Working Group is to aid greater understanding of issues and support the preparation of policies.

Meetings of the Local Plan Working Group are held when required, reflecting the work programme of the emerging Local Plan.  The Local Plan Working Group's Terms of Reference are available to download below.

Local Plan Working Group Documents
Notes of LPWG meeting 07 Sep 2017
Notes of LPWG meeting 04 July 2017
Notes of LPWG meeting 31 May 2017
Notes of LPWG meeting 09 May 2017
Notes of LPWG meeting 28 Mar 2017
Notes of LPWG meeting 20 Sep 2016
Notes of LPWG meeting 25 July 2016
Notes of LPWG meeting  21 Jun 2016
Notes of LPWG meeting 18 May 2016
Notes of LPWG meeting 20 Apr 2016
Notes of LPWG meeting 16 Dec 2015
Notes of LPWG meeting 17 Nov 2015
LPWG Terms of Reference