Housing - Meet the Team


Angela Parmenter 

Housing & Community Safety Manager

I began my housing career in 2008 as a Housing Options Officer. My speciality area was working with 16-25 yr olds. I worked closely with young people’s services and the Ely Young Peoples Project. Since then I have become more involved with the Police and their Anti-Social Behaviour agenda. I also gave general housing advice and information in order to prevent homelessness wherever possible.

In 2014 I become the Housing Options Manager; I manage a team consisting of 3 Housing Options Officers, 1 Landlord Liaison Officer, 1 Tenancy Support Officer and 1 Income Recovery Officer. I am also leading Officer for the travelling community and oversee the running of the Authority’s 3 traveller sites.

We are now looking to achieve DCLG Gold Standard as a department, an integral part of this involves the local community to work together to support each other into the most appropriate housing, the private rental market as an integral part of that vision. 

My vision for the local community to work together to support each other into the most appropriate housing, seeing the private rental market as an integral part of that vision. 

Sarah Burton

Housing Options Team Leader


I started at East Cambridgeshire District Council in September 2013 as a volunteer working within the housing team. I wanted to gain experience and knowledge in a housing team at a Local Authority, whilst I studied for my level 3 Chartered Institute of Housing qualification. I finished my Level 4 Chartered Institute of Housing qualification in October 2015.
In July 2014 I was offered a permanent full time position as housing assistant from there in March 2015 I was offered a position of full time Housing Options Officer. In August 2017 I was offered a fantastic opportunity to become Housing Options Team Leader and am enjoying taking on my new role. 
In the last year we have opened 2 Community Hubs and we are working towards opening a youth Community Hub in Littleport which will launch in June 2018. 
I am passionate and enthusiastic about all aspects of housing and hope to continue to gain knowledge and experience, I specialize in working with 16-25 year olds and the over 55’s helping them find suitable accommodation in East Cambs and surrounding areas. As a team we work to prevent people from losing their accommodation and make sure that families are receiving the right support., I work closely with partner agencies including ensuring that the client gets the right accommodation and support for their needs.

Louise Duffield

Income Recovery Officer

16 years banking experience, 15 years finance experience in Local Government, and I am an AAT Qualified Accountant (Level 4).

Responsible for completing Income and Expenditure assessments in relation to Rent Deposit Loans for private rented accommodation and in exceptional circumstances removals and storage loans.  Also assess the affordability of potential future tenancies.

Responsible for the collection of repayments of the above loans, sending reminders when appropriate and as a last resort forwarding debts to the Council’s Debt Recovery Agents.

Lauren Dunmore-Day

Trainee Housing Options Officer

I started working at East Cambridgeshire District Council in August 2015 in Customer Services. In December 2016 I started a full time position as a Housing Assistant within the housing team, I then progressed to a Trainee Housing Options Officer in June 2017 and I am currently working towards becoming a Housing Options Officer. I am studying for my Level 4 Chartered Institute of Housing qualification which I am due to complete in October. 

I thoroughly enjoy working within Housing and offering customers support where it’s needed in order to prevent homelessness. I also liaise with private landlords as well as estate/letting agents within East Cambs to ensure we have properties available in the private rented sector for clients.
I hope to continue to gain knowledge, skills and experience within Housing and assist my team in offering the best possible service for our clients. I look forward to playing a part in helping the team to achieve DCLG Gold Standard.

Caroline Deadman

Tenancy Support Officer

Being new to my role of Tenancy Support Officer I am thoroughly enjoying the new challenges faced daily. I love the variety of each and every day.  Having worked with the general public throughout my career it gives me great job satisfaction to help and support. I like to think I prevent homelessness through engagement with those in need without judgement. Working  with people with differing needs and support plans such as mental health, domestic violence, drugs and alcohol misuse, financial hardship, young parents. I support people with the transition of moving house, setting up utility bills, help with budgeting and gaining financial independence, helping  consolidate debt. As part of my role I assist adults applying for benefits and conduct assessments.

I would like to work for East Cambs District Council for many years to come as I am finding my job so fulfilling. My priority is helping the local community the best way I can.

Shona McKenzie

Neighbourhood Support Officer

I have recently joined the Housing and Community Safety Team where I received a very warm welcome. Before moving into my new role I worked in Education for 16 years and previous to that I worked in Public Health.  Working across these three areas has enabled me to build up a strong working relationship with local partners within the City and surrounding villages.

No two days' work are ever the same and each day brings different challenges however, you get a real sense of achievement when you manage to sort out people's problems and resolve issues. 

My workload includes working in partnership with various agencies, including the Police, Fire and Rescue Service, Probation Service and Local Volunteer Services to achieve an effective response to local issues and priorities.  I work alongside local agencies to encourage the development of community interest, reassurance and resident participation in identifying and responding to neighbourhood issues.  I sit on the Community Safety Partnership Board and work with Delivery Groups to develop local action plans for the District providing reports and feedback when required, ensuring that it is done within budgets and that the service delivers value for money. 
I am very excited about my new role and look forward to working with an amazing Team helping to make a positive difference within East Cambs.

Andrew Lamb

Travellers Liaison Officer

I am the Traveller Liaison Officer for East Cambridgeshire District Council. My role encompasses liaising between the Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities (GRT) and the District Council, as well as overseeing the running of our three sites within the East Cambridgeshire area. 

The role also involves working in a multi-agency capacity to help bring greater cohesion between the settled and non-settled communities. Historically, I have spent a great deal of time building connections with GRT services which have now become important assets in giving the non-settled community more opportunities in a present where they have few. This is an ongoing project to help integrate the GRT with other members of society
I began working with the GRT in 2008 as an Advocate with UK charity groups and health roles within the NHS. At the same time I was working in connection with the various GRT charity groups and the media to bring greater understanding of the lives of GRT in Rural England. 
As the GRT face many issues in society in the present time; having the lowest performing rates in education, highest levels of truancy, lowest average life expectancy, I feel there is a responsibility to bring about some change to these issues within the East Cambridgeshire area.

Housing Admin Officer

I started working at East Cambridgeshire District Council in September 2017 in Customer Services. In January 2018 I started full time as Housing Administration Officer. My time in a Customer Service role this has given me a good grounding in dealing with people from different backgrounds and situations. I support the members of the housing and community safety team by carrying out admin tasks, taking on enquiries and liaising with partner agencies and clients. 

I hope to help the team to achieve DCLG Gold Standard.