Review of Polling District, Polling Places and Polling Stations

Polling District Review/Community Governance Review

The Council has conducted a Community Governance Review and a Polling District Review, to make the necessary changes to the reduction of the District Wards agreed by the Local Government Boundary Committee for England last year.
The Community Governance Review rectified some boundary anomalies and other issues that District councillors and Parish councils have made us aware of.

Please see the final recommendations(at bottom of page) with accompanying maps.

Please be aware that the Map - Ely below has been amended from the original submitted to Council on 12 July and distributed to key stakeholders.  The change only relates to correcting the map legend and does not affect the proposals by the Returning Officer.

Polling District Reviews

The Representation of the People Act places a duty on the Council to divide the District into polling districts and to designate polling places for each district.  The Council also has a duty to keep those arrangements under review.

Consultation Process

As part of the consultation on both reviews, the views of Local Government electors and other interested organisations, groups and individuals, including people who have particular expertise in relation to access to premises or facilities for persons who have disabilities were taken into account.
The consultation included local political parties, district ward councillors, parish councils, county councillors for East Cambridgeshire divisions, Access Group, and local MP’s.