Sutton: The Brook

Rubbish, Waste & Recycling: 
Recycling Centres
Glass Recycling
Media Recycling (Books, CDs & DVDs)
Paper Recycling
Combined Plastic Bottles, Tins & Cans Recycling
Textiles Recycling


The Brook
CB6 2PS Sutton, Cambs

Sutton Parish Council

Clerk's Name: 
Mrs Rosie Hughes
Clerk's Address: 
The Glebe
4 High Street
CB6 2RB Sutton, Cambs
Telephone Clerk: 
01353 777189
Email Clerk:
Chairperson's Name: 
Cllr Bob Browne
Chairperson's Address: 
134 High Street Sutton
CB6 2NR Ely, Cambs
Telephone Chairperson: 
01353 778941
Email Chairperson: