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Consultation is the process of open communication between the Council and its stakeholders (i.e. the general public, parish councils, other public bodies, local voluntary and community groups, and the business community), and can be used to ensure that the Council makes effective policy decisions or changes to services. We have recently updated this document to reflect recent changes and included some of the suggestions from the Council's Register of Consultees.  The Council's consultation policy and other related documentscan be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

Effective consultation is important to:

  • provide clear information about the Council's policies and services and how to access them;
  • find out what the public think of the Council's policies and services and how they could be improved;
  • test options for policy and service changes;
  • better understand the needs of local people;
  • ensure that all individuals, groups, organisations and associations are equally served by the Council's policies and services;
  • target policies and services at what people want and need;
  • improve the delivery of services; and
  • in the longer term, measure the performance of the Council in delivering high quality services and improving life for local people.

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Neighbourhood Panels

You can make a difference to your local area by bringing your ideas to one of the quarterly Neighbourhood Panels. The five panels across the district bring together representatives from local public services to agree with residents what are the main issues that need action in their area.

Place Survey

The Place Survey is a statutory two-yearly survey of satisfaction with the local area and public services. The survey is conducted independently by a consultation company on behalf of the Council and some of our key partners such as the Police and Health services. The survey provides an important test of public opinion and the results will be used by local public service providers to make further improvements to the quality of life in East Cambridgeshire.  A copy of the place survey is available for download at the bottom of this page.

Register of Consultees

If you would like the opportunity to get involved in local decision making by acting as a sounding board for future policy or service proposals, then why not join the Council's NEW Register of Consultees and give us your views about the decisions we make and the services we provide.

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