Council Meetings


The public can participate in full Council and the majority of its committees in the ways set out below.  Most meetings are open to the public and nearly all allow either public questions or public speaking.  Limited visitor parking is available during the daytime at the access area to The Grange, for people making short visits on Council business of up to 30 minutes. Ample free public car parking is available nearby for longer visits and location plans can be forwarded on request or viewed via the link below. On-site car parking is available for evening meetings after 5.00pm.  If you are attending meetings please allow sufficient time to park off-site and for entry arrangements at our reception.

Top Tasks

  For the full meetings card - see the link at the foot of the page (under Related Publications).

Public Question Time

A Public Question Time scheme operates for full Council and some of its committees.  Please view the leaflets available for more information.

Arranging to Speak at a Committee Meeting

Registration to speak at a committee meeting is only available for either Planning Committee or Licensing Committee. The registration is on a 'first come, first served' basis. Please view the leaflets available for detailed information about these schemes.

Planning Committee

Licensing Committee

  • Please note this only applies to licence applications and not policy decisions.
  • Please note this does not apply to Licensing Sub-Committee Hearings, which require special arrangements.
  • Please telephone Democratic Services on 01353-665555 no later than 2pm on the day before the meeting.
  • View information leaflet - Speaking at Licensing Committee

Public Petitions Scheme

The Council operates a Public Petition Scheme, where members of the public can present a petition on a relevant matter to full Council or one of its committees.  It also allows the petition organiser to speak to the Council or committee when the petition is presented.  For full details click the link below.

Meetings in the Council Chamber

The maximum capacity for meetings in the Council Chamber has been set by the Fire Officer at 100 persons.

Allowing for Member/Officer attendance and room layout constraints, this will normally give a capacity for public attendance of 60 people.

Admittance to the Council Chamber is on a "first come, first served" basis and public access will be from 30 minutes before the start time of the meeting.

However, for Planning Committee meetings, preference will be given to applicants, agents and registered speakers.  

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