Council Membership


There are several ways in which you can find out information about our Council's Members.  You can search for Councillors using the link below:

Current Political Make-Up of the Council (From 2015)

36 Conservative Members

2 Liberal Democrat Members

1 Independent Members

Former Political Make-Up of the Council (c2011-2015)

23 Conservative Members

10 Liberal Democrat Members

5 Independent Members

1 Unaligned Member


Current Committee Memberships

Commercial Services Committee

- 11 Members 

Corporate Governance & Finance Committee

- 11 Members 

Regulatory & Support Services Committee

- 11 Members

Licensing Committee

- 11 Members 

Planning Committee

- 11 Members 

Asset Development Sub-Committee

- 7 Members

Below is a link to a document listing all the current District Councillors.

Alternatively, make a selection from the documents listed below to find out more about County Councillors, European Parliament Members, representations on outside bodies etc..

Members Allowances

The Members Allowances Scheme is part of the Council's Constitution and can be accessed via this link.

To view lists of the Allowances paid to Members please click this link.