Food Poisoning

The Council's Commercial Team is responsible for investigating the source and controlling the spread of notifiable diseases.

If you suspect you have food poisoning it is recommended that you visit your GP and request that a stool sample be submitted.

The stool sample can then be analysed for food poisoning bacteria.

If food poisoning bacteria is found in your stool sample, the results will be automatically forwarded to the Commercial Team who will then contact you or send out a food history questionnaire to complete.

Food Handlers/ Employers

Please note that it is against the law to work in any food handling area if you are known to be or suspected to be suffering from, or to be a carrier of a disease which is likely to be transmitted through food.

For further guidance it is recommended that you obtain a copy of the document listed below, or contact the Commercial Team on 01353 665555.

Food Handlers Fitness to work

Guidance for food businesses, Enforcement Officers and Health Professionals
Prepared by an expert working group convened by the Department of Health. 1995

This is a Food Standards Agency Publication -
To obtain a copy telephone 0845 606 0667 or Fax. 020 8867 3225

Listed below are some leaflets which provide useful advice and guidance on the common illnesses we deal with. If you wish to view any of the leaflets, please use the links below: