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Corporate Objectives

  • To be financially self-sufficient and provide services driven by and built around the needs of our customers.

  • To enable and deliver commercial and economic growth to ensure that East Cambridgeshire continues to be a place where people want to live, work, invest and visit.

Government Monitoring: Best Value and CPA

Best Value

The government has set a range of statutory 'best value' performance indicators to monitor the performance of all local authorities and encourage them to provide the best value services they can to local people. Each council complements these with a set of local indicators to reflect local priorities.

The government has appointed the Audit Commission to review the Council's best value performance indicators to check that they are being reported accurately and to make a fair comparison with other councils. Additionally, the Audit Commission audits the council's accounts to ensure that we maintain a high standard of financial management. In this way, local people can be confident that their council tax is being administered properly to deliver high quality services.

Comprehensive Performance Assessment (CPA)

The Audit Commission operates a programme of regular inspection of all local authorities in England and Wales to assess how the Council is carrying out its main functions. Every three years, the results of these inspections together with the latest set of performance indicators are reviewed and compared with other councils in a Comprehensive Performance Assessment (CPA). This assessment involves an on-site inspection of the Council, including interviews with staff and other public bodies with which we work. The Council received its first CPA in 2004 and was rated a 'Good' Council by the Audit Commission. (There are five categories: Excellent, Good, Fair, Weak and Poor). A copy of the Council's CPA Report is published on the Audit Commission's website.

In response to the Audit Commission's recommendations, the Council has put in place a CPA improvement plan. By continuing our close partnership with local public and community organisations and by responding to the needs of local people, we are determined to improve our CPA rating to 'Excellent'.

The Audit Commission's CPA regime is not limited to a single three-yearly inspection, but instead comprises a rolling programme of audit and inspection, which addresses the government's national improvement agenda for all local authorities together with local priorities specific to this council. The latest of these inspections was conducted in May 2005 and looked at the way in which the Council involves its customers and partners in the development of services. The 'Access to Services' report can be viewed on the Audit Commission website.


Service Delivery Plans - Archive

The Council's Service Delivery Plans for 2014/2015 are listed below:

The Council's Service Delivery Plans for 2015/2016 are listed below:

The Council's Achievements

What have we achieved?

In 2009, the Council was subject to a statutory 'organisational assessment', conducted by the Audit Commission. The inspectors concluded that East Cambridgeshire District Council has a clear and ambitious vision that links closely with partner agencies to meet the needs of local people.

High Quality Services - Housing advisors are effectively supporting those at risk of homelessness, achieving a substantial cut in the number of applications. There is an effective plan in place to improve the level of affordable housing. The streets are kept free of litter and graffiti. Concern about anti-social behaviour is low and overall satisfaction with the area as a place to live is above average.

Partnership - The Council has an effective network of Neighbourhood Panels to take action on residents' concerns; for example the Police and volunteers are running a successful 'Speedwatch' project to improve the safety of village roads. The Council's partnership arrangement to deliver revenues and benefits services is achieving performance among the best in the country and has secured significant efficiency savings.

Sustainable Growth - The Planning team consistently exceeds government targets for processing planning applications and for the overall number of new dwellings built. The Council is helping new and small companies to grow. Satisfaction among its business tenants is high, and twenty companies have moved on to bigger premises in the district.

The Council has recognised areas where targets have been missed and has agreed action plans to improve performance.

For further detail you can view the full Organisational Assessment


The Council's Performance Plan

East Cambridgeshire District Council is committed to delivering high quality services built around the needs of our customers.

During 2014/2015 the Council has provided a great deal of support to our communities by undertaking exciting and innovative projects focussed around the needs of the people who live, work or visit the area.

To help us ensure that we provide excellent customer service the Council sets targets and measures performance frequently to help us monitor how well we are doing.

Effective performance Management enables the Council to assess how effectively we are doing against our 6 priorities;

  1. A customer driven, efficient Council with a 'Can Do' attitude with an Open for Business approach and commercially focused, to ensure financial self sufficiency for the taxpayer
  2. Genuinely affordable housing by local people for local people
  3. Making East Cambridgeshire an even better place to live
  4. Making it easier to get around the District and do business
  5. Appropriate developments with better infrastructure and improving Planning Service
  6. Driving economic success by creating the infrastructure to attract businesses and create jobs


In 2015 the Council revised the Corporate Objectives as follows;

  • To be financially self-sufficient and provide services driven by and built around the needs of our customers
  • To enable and deliver commercial and economic growth to ensure that East Cambridgeshire continues to be a place where people want to live, work, invest and visit

Robust performance management supports the Council’s vision and provides a clear direction for all staff across the organisation.