How to Register for the Sports Club Directory

East Cambridgeshire District Council would like all sport clubs who are based within East Cambridgeshire to register with a Sports Club Directory. The purpose of the directory is to provide:

  • a central point of information for residents who are interested in joining a sport club
  • more up to date information about services offered by sport clubs 
  • a website platform for sport clubs to promote new services or events
  • the database will collect contact information for sport clubs, then information can be circulated i.e. funding opportunities 
  • a research and assessment tool to provide an overview when partners are considering funding and development opportunities
  • a map of provision in East Cambridgeshire to inform the local authority, National Governing Bodies and partners. 

The online registration form is now available using this link.

If you would like more information about joining the Sport Club Directory, please e-mail or call 01353 665555.