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23rd February 2018 - The Local Plan was submitted to the Secretary of State on Friday 16th February 2018 for examination. Inspector Louise Nurser BA (Hons) Dip UP MRTPI has been appointed to conduct the examination and is currently appraising the Local Plan. 

16th March 2018 -  An initial letter to the Council from the Inspector (ED002) and a response from the Council to the Inspector's initial questions (ED003) can now be found in the Examination Documents Library.

18th April 2018 - The Inspector's Matters, Issues and Questions for Stage 1 of the Hearing Sessions (ED005), the Inspector's Guidance Note (ED006) and a draft Hearing Programme for Stage 1 (ED007) can now be found in the Examination Document Library.

A letter on behalf of the Council and a statutory notice in accordance with Regulation 24 (ED008) has also been uploaded to the Examination Document Library.

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