Housing Stock

East Cambridgeshire District Council transferred its housing stock and the housing register to Hereward Housing in 1993. Go to the Sanctuary Housing website:

However, the Council's Housing Service still has responsibility for the following services:

  • Homelessness
  • Affordable housing
  • Housing advice

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Home-Link is a scheme offering more choice to housing register applicants across East Cambridgeshire and six neighbouring authorities.  Homelink incorporates the Council's housing register.  Home-Link choice based lettings (CBL) offers greater flexibility for applicants allowing them to choose properties from across all authority areas.

If you want to apply for council or housing association homes you should do this through the Home Link scheme:

Allocations Policy

Homes are let according to the Council's Allocations Policy

The Council, in conjunction with the six other district councils of the Cambridgeshire sub-region, has produced a new allocations policy. This policy takes into account the requirements of the Localism Act 2011, The Housing Act 1996 and other homelessness legislation, the changes in Welfare reforms due between 2011 and 2014 and the restriction on numbers of bedrooms for future recipients of housing benefit and universal credit. It does not include this Council's specific requirement to prioritise people who work in the district, but it does include a suggestion of a method to achieve this.

Shared Ownership Housing

If you are interested in shared ownership or Help to Buy, you should first contact the regional Help to Buy Agent:  Help to Buy East and South East.  Help to Buy ESE manages the application process for a range of low cost home ownership and discounted market rent products developed to make home ownership more affordable and help you get a foot on the property ladder, Help to Buy ESE provides a one stop shop service to people interested in any of the shared ownership and Help to Buy products within Cambridgeshire and across the East and Southeast of England

For more information and details of how to apply visit: the Help To Buy website.

Latest Update on the Housing Market

The Strategic Housing Market Assessment team compiles a quarterly bulletin on the housing market for the whole of the Cambridge sub-region.