It is the responsibility of the householder to protect their property and belongings from floodwater.  If you live in an area which has been flooded in the past be prepared if flood warnings are given for the east Cambridgeshire area.  The link below gives useful information to help residents on what to do if your property is at risk of flooding and what to do in the event of it being flooded.

What help will the Council provide if my property is in danger of flooding?

Business premises must make provision under their own business continuity planning arrangements.

How to create a simple flood defence.

  1. Check how many ground floor doors, patio doors, cat flaps and airbricks there are in your home.  Get enough strong plastic sheeting to cover all of these gaps and leave a minimum overlap of 80cm around the edges.  For doors, cut plywood or similar material to cover the doorway and hold the sheeting in place.
  2. Get some bags which can be filled with sand or soil.  These will hold the sheeting in contact with the ground.  Any small cloth or plastic bags will do but remember not to overfill them as you will have to carry them and firm them into place.
    Sandbags and flood protection items can be obtained for advance preparation against flooding and there are a variety of suppliers who can be contacted for further information.

How can I find out up-to-date information about floods and flood warnings for our District?

You can obtain up-to-date information about floods and flood warnings for our District from The Environment Agency's online flood warning service, which shows the real time current flood-warning situation throughout England and Wales.

It is automatically updated every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.