Three common myths about recycling

I'm back for another blog all about recycling and this time I'm busting three common misconceptions people have about recycling.  

  1. Recycling is a waste of time and will end up in landfill

You might have seen the BBC documentary, War on Plastic, and be concerned that all of your recycling efforts are going to waste. Don’t be. Your recycling efforts make all the difference and I would encourage you to continue to recycle. Across the UK, the majority of materials from recycling bins are recycled and those that aren’t can be sent abroad to be turned into brand new items such as clothes, tin cans and bottles! In East Cambs, materials are taken to the recycling facility at Amey Waterbeach to be sorted before they are sent to different places to be repurposed. Find out more about how your waste is recycled in our district here.

  1. You can put anything in your blue bin

This is another myth that isn’t true! If something that can’t be recycled is put into a blue bin and loaded into a lorry, it could contaminate the whole load! This could be a disaster and result in the whole load being rejected and not being recycled. We’re super at recycling in East Cambs and have average contamination rates of below 5% each month. Find out what you can recycle on our website and if you’re unsure, check before you throw it away to ensure it ends up in the right place!

  1. Recycling uses more energy than sending rubbish to landfill

Recycling does use energy, but nowhere near as much energy as the disposing of waste that spoils our wonderful planet by going to landfill. In fact, recycling saves SO much energy – just one plastic bottle can save enough energy to power a lightbulb for six hours! In the UK alone, we use 15 million plastic bottles per day – that’s a lot of energy powering lightbulbs!

There are so many myths about recycling, but the truth is, recycling is a great way to make a difference and help save our planet. If we all take small steps and make small, everyday changes, we’ll be able to save Earth from becoming a plastic planet. Follow me on Twitter for some great ways to become a recycling hero.