Not sure? Top tips for recycling this Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas! My present to you is to help you become a recycling hero just like me. I’ve put together a list of six items you might come across this festive season and how you should dispose of them.

Christmas trees

East Cambs Street Scene will be collecting real Christmas trees throughout January, so once you’ve finished with your real tree, chop it into pieces no larger than your bin and put it next to it with your normal scheduled green waste collection. Unfortunately, artificial trees are made of plastic and cannot be recycled but, if you have an artificial tree you can always pack it away and use it next year!


Did you know that glass is 100% recyclable? This means that it can be made into new things. Empty jars and bottles left over from your Christmas celebrations can be put into your blue bin. Be sure to give them a rinse before putting them in though!

Christmas decorations

When you take your Christmas decorations down for another year, don’t forget to pack them away safely and reuse them. Tinsel, baubles and the star tree topper can all be reused for next year’s festive celebrations. The majority of Christmas decorations are not recyclable, so if they break, they’ll need to be put in your black sack or taken to Witchford Recycling Centre.


Unfortunately, polystyrene cannot be recycled. This means it needs to be broken down and put into your black sacks or taken to your household recycling centre. When buying gifts, why not look for items that don’t use polystyrene in the packaging?

Wrapping paper

Shiny, glittery and cellophane wrapping papers cannot be recycled and instead have to be disposed of in your black sacks. Plain wrapping papers such as brown paper can be put into your blue bin for recycling. You could be environmentally friendly by wrapping all of your presents in brown paper, ensuring it can all definitely be recycled!

Food waste

Leftovers from your Christmas dinner do not have to go waste. Save them for Boxing Day, just keep them cool overnight and enjoy them as a tasty treat the next day! Love Food, Hate Waste have some great ideas on how to reduce food waste. 
Any other food waste can be put in your green lidded bin which will be composted!
I would love to see each and every resident recycle as much as possible. But what’s just as important is to place items in the correct bins. Placing items that cannot be recycled in your recycling bins can contaminate a whole lorry load! So please try your best to place items in the correct bins or bags. If you’re not sure, visit the ‘What we collect’ page to find out.