How you can protect swifts

This month’s blog comes from one of my good friends, Taylor the Swift at ECDCWatch! Read what she has to say below.


After migrating to the hotter weather over the winter, my swift friends and I have been back in the UK for a month now. Travelling all the way from the Sahara Desert in North Africa made us very tired, but we’re adjusting to life in the UK pretty well. We might be getting used to life in the UK before winter comes, but our numbers are still dwindling, and we need your help! Read my three top tips below for helping to protect the swifts this year.

1. Look out for grounded swifts
We are very good at taking off and flying for miles and miles, so if you see one of us lying on the ground, there is probably something wrong. You can help by gently picking us up, putting us in a small box with some warm fabric and calling your local vet to see if they can help.

2.  Put up a nesting box
We love to hide away in warm, snug places that are above the ground. This will give us somewhere to stay and nest away from harsh weather and predators while we’re in the UK. We will come back to our cosy home in the UK to breed and you’ll get to see us (and eventually our babies) every year! You can visit the RSPB website for more information

3.  Report your sightings
As you know, our numbers are rapidly declining. You can help the RSPB conservation programmes that help save swifts by telling them when you’ve spotted us flying about! They can then put more conservation and breeding programmes in place to help us even more. 

There is plenty of information all about swifts on the RSPB website. Don’t forget to read about how to spot, look after and help protect us this year.