Five steps to reduce your carbon footprint

I’m back with another blog and this time, I’ll be telling you all about the ways you can reduce your carbon footprint! We have joined more than 200 councils across the UK in declaring a climate emergency which means we are all making plans and taking steps to reduce carbon emissions and become carbon neutral. Everybody has a carbon footprint and there are small steps you can take reduce yours. I’ve put together five ideas to help get you started!

1. Reduce your food waste

Food waste that is put in your black sacks will go to landfill. This produces harmful greenhouse gases that are released into our environment. A simple way to reduce your carbon footprint is to waste less food. You could try making a meal plan with your family so you only buy what you need and not extras that will get wasted. If you do have food waste, dispose of it in your green bin for composting or even try home composting. Visit Love Food Hate Waste for more information.

2. Drive less

Vehicles emit a large amount of greenhouse gases when they are being made as well as when they are being used. Vehicle sharing like CamShare, using public transport or walking and cycling are alternatives to driving by yourself. These options all emit a lower amount of emissions than everyone driving alone in their own car/vehicle.

3. Use energy saving lightbulbs and appliances

Energy saving lightbulbs do what they say on the tin. They reduce the amount of energy used and emitted from the lightbulb. This is a small change that can add up over a long period of time, especially if everybody in your household gets on board. Don’t forget to turn lights off when you leave a room too!

4. Buy from sustainable sources

Whatever you’re buying, if you can, purchase it from an environmentally friendly source. This means the producer is taking steps to make products from sustainable items, as well as running their business in a sustainable manner which is good for the environment. Products that are made from recycled materials are a great example of how you can buy things that are made more sustainably.

5. Cut down on fast fashion

We live in a fast fashion culture – and many of us are sucked into it. A fast fashion culture is one where clothes are bulk produced at a low cost to meet the ever-changing trends of the fashion market. The production of the clothes, as well as the distribution across the globe, produces a large amount of greenhouse gases.  Low priced clothes that are shipped around the world are often only worn a couple of times before being thrown away. Instead, take a browse in some of our local charity shops for second-hand clothing or buy garments you intend to wear again and again and again.

There are lots of helpful tips and tricks that you can find and implement to help reduce your carbon footprint. Even making small changes will have a big impact. So spread the word about reducing your carbon footprint and together, we can all help our environment!